Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crazy Life!

Life is crazy, especially ours.

I am trying to figure out the balance of work and Noah. I didn't do such a great job yesterday because he had three potty accidents. Let's just say I am getting really good at cleaning up wet messes. But he didn't mind the extra baths/showers, he just loves when he gets to be in water. Hopefully today will go better, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Jason is working as hard as ever, actually too hard! His vertigo has come back and he has been dizzy and nauseas, not a fun combo.

We still love our new home and invite anyone who wants to come up for a visit. We enjoy company!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our family blog

So I thought that we would join in the blogging craze! So here is our best try at it.

We are here in Clearfield now in our new home. We are enjoying it, and getting to know the area better as well as making some friends at church.

Marie is getting nice and big in her pregnancy with only a few months to go. Marie has also got a new job as a transcriptionist for a company in Draper. She will begin work soon and that will help us save more than just the minimum each month. Jason is working a lot to finish a project by the end of the year, so he is away a lot, but we have also been enjoying the extra income from the overtime. Noah is getting so big. He is almost fully potty-trained now (at least during the day) which makes our lives much easier. We will be transitioning him into a big boy bed soon to get ready for the baby (we are not looking forward to the struggle with keeping him in bed, but hopefully it will go well).

That is us for now! Updates to come later! Oh and we are also very excited for the fall, this heat is killing the pregnant lady in the house!