Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Noah's sayings

So Noah has been saying some funny things lately, and they are oh so cute. So I thought I would share.

- "hey, idea!' (this is Noah telling me that he has an idea, but usually he says nothing afterwards)
- "You kiddin' me?" (This was learned from his good old dad)
- "Noah Train" (This was what he said when I asked him what his name was. His name is Noah Thomas, so naturally he thinks of Thomas the Train. Silly Kid!)
- "Ah, Man!" (This is what his mommy says, but it is much cuter when he says it)

I love just watching him grow up and learn new things. He just soaks everything in, smart kid!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Crazy lifeguard Mommy

So Noah has been taking swimming lessons these past two weeks. He does extremely well, being the littlest in the class. He just loves swimming and he cried every time he had to get out of the pool. The teacher would have to pick him up an set him out of the pool, or he would stay there all day.

Well yesterday was his last day (he doesn't know that yet, so hopefully when he realizes it, he won't freak out). So the last day they let the kids play on the play structure for the last 10 minutes of class. Well the kids were so excited that they didn't wait for their teacher. So needless to say, I had to jump in after Noah, because he jumped in (it was only 1 1/2-ft., but he fell over and couldn't get up). The young lifeguard was walking slower than life, so I had to put my former lifeguarding skills into immediate action. Noah didn't even realize something was the matter. He can hold his breath, so I think he was confused to see Mommy in the water, in her clothes. And the best thing is, I had my camera in my hand!!! It won't turn on yet, but we are hoping (in a few days) that it will open and work again so I can post pictures of my little swimmer. Cross your fingers!

I had many moms come up to me and say that I get the "mother of the year" award for jumping in. Another mom went to the front desk and got me a pair of basketball shorts form the lost and found, so I didn't have to go out in the 20 degree weather in wet pants up to my thighs. So just picture this, my white legs in these black basketball, wet white socks, and my wet Dr. Marten's shoes sloshing all the way to the car. I bet I was a sight to see, not to mention freezing. And of course it happened the one day that I actually plan to go somewhere afterwards. Only me, I swear! Luckily Gwen was sleeping in the stroller and missed the whole thing.

I think I learned my lesson, don't have my child in swimming lessons in the dead of winter!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Here is Gwen Smiling. She is just so cute!
I couldn't help myself.

Even after getting four shots at the doctor's yesterday,
she is still all smiles. What a doll.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our life is our kids!

Isn't Noah just so cute. He just loves to hold Gwen and give her toys.
I figured that the teething ring was safe.

Aren't my kids just cute?

Noah swatting at the train pinata at the Frederickson Christmas party (Marie's mother side)
The kids had a lot of fun with this.

Noah's first snowman making experience.
Daddy & Noah made the snowman and then Mommy came out
and dressed him. His eyes are broccoli, nose is a carrot and the
mouth is Swedish fish. That was Noah's favorite part. He wanted
to each the fish instead of give it to the snowman.
After the snowman was all done up, Noah said "talk?" Because
he loves "Frosty the Snowman," so of course his snowman should
talk too! I just thought that was so cute.

Our Masterpiece!
It was the perfect snow for a great snowman.
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Friday, January 4, 2008

Terrible 2 1/2?

So Noah has always been such a good boy, and I was happy when he turned two and he was still a good boy. Well that has all gone away. The 2 1/2 stage has come in full force and it is scary.

Let me just let you what I have been experiencing. Well other than him peeing his pants (he has been potty trained since he was two), he is kicking, hitting, throwing everything in sight, coloring on his arms, throwing his food on the floor while I change Gwen's diaper, peeing on the couch and climbing on everything, including the kitchen table. And most of all he refuses to take naps anymore, which makes for an even longer day. Luckily he does sleep much longer at night now, but it is a toss up between the two.

I can say this, at least he hasn't tried to do those things to Gwen, yet.

I still love him, but he is driving me crazy and trying my patience like no other. If any of you have some good suggestions as to help me with my son during this phase, I would really appreciate. Or maybe just some support or sympathy!