Monday, December 31, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Little Smiles

So Gwen smiled, voluntarily, yesterday for the first time. She is six weeks old now, so I guess a smile was well on its way. I would have a picture, but it didn't last very long. When I get a chance, I'll take and post a picture of my happy little girl.

Things are going well. We are just trying to survive the sleepless nights and Jason working pretty much around the clock. We are hoping that the week between Christmas and New Years he won't have to work. That week will be busy as it is. We have something going on every day/evening that week. I'm sure we will be partied out come New Years.

For those of you I don't see, have a Merry, Merry Christmas. We miss those who we are not able to see. Maybe we'll have to take some road trips this summer to visit!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow Day for Noah!

I finally let Noah go out and play in the snow yesterday. He has had a cold and I didn't want him to get more sick.

It was so funny, I asked him if he wanted to go play out in the snow and you should have seen him jump and come running. Here are some pictures of his fun day.

All ready for some snow fun!

Tractors go in the snow, right?

Aw, nothing like sitting in the snow with layers of
padding so the cold doesn't freeze my backside!

Mowing the snow is very exhausting!

I just thought this was a cool shot under the trees.
My little explorer!

Friday, December 7, 2007

We've been Elfed!

This was really fun to do. Take a look and do it for your family too!

I think Jason looks extra Sassy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Halloween a little late

So being pregnant and all and then having Gwen a the beginning of November, I forgot to post picture of our Halloween.

Here is Jason and Noah carving a pumpkin together for the first time. Noah thought this was the best thing ever. He kept wanting to use the knife, but we did let him use a spoon to get all the innards out of the pumpkin.
And here is the finished product!

Take a look at Noah's smile. This is his smile when he is posing for a picture. We are still working on a natural looking smile, but no luck so far.

Our glowing creation! Fire in a pumpkin is just cool.

Noah was so proud of his pumpkin. He would look outside everyday to make sure it was still there.

A day of leaves! So I racked all the leaves and put a bunch at the bottom of the slide for Noah to crash into. He just loved this, as you can tell from his smile.

So leaves are so much fun! Later Noah got his lawn mower and "mowed" up the leaves. So cute!

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Our little Lion! Halloween was so much fun for Noah. He first was able to hand out candy to kids and then we went out trick or treating. This was our first Halloween with him, last year we were in Hawaii and didn't get to do this. So it was nice.

We later hooked up with Noah's little friend Bryant. They ran from house to house and wore themselves right out.

Halloween is the best!

Adjusting to life!

What a sweetheart! She just gets so comfortable in her carseat.

So life is getting a little more "normal," or at least we are adapting to the new
sleeping/eating schedule. As Gwen gets older (four weeks now!) she sleeps a
little better and she also isn't as fussy when she is awake, that is nice.

Who is this silly kid?
Noah just loves having his picture taken.

He just loves to make silly faces. Noah is also adjusting to mommy not playing with
him all the time. He is a sweetie, but he is also getting a little bit of an attitude because
he now knows what he wants and he doesn't want to stop until he gets it. This can
be a little frustrating at times, but he is a good boy.

What a cute little girl. The boys are going to have to watch out for this fireball!
I think she is going to have blue eyes.

Here is Noah again, apparently saying something very important like "Mommy, get me"
or "spider mommy, hide." He is starting to play pretend a little more, it is so cute.

Having two kids is really different. I don't know how my mom did it with nine children.
She must be a saint, her and all the other moms with a lot of kids.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Introducing Gwenevere Carol! (Gwen)

Here she is! Gwenevere Carol

Born on November 5, 2007 at 8:04am
She was 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 20.5 inches

Gwen was having a hard time coming, so the doctor decided to do
another c-section. We are happy that she arrived here happy and
healthy. We love her so much and we are happy to welcome her
into our family. We now feel a little more complete!

Gwen is now two weeks old. She is so beautiful and giving here mommy
a run for her money at night. For some reason staying up for an hour or two
at night is something she really likes. We are working on curbing that habit.

Noah is a proud big brother. He is always wanting to hold his cute little sister.
As you can see here, she isn't very happy, but he doesn't seem to care.

Noah is always wanting to hold Gwen and give her hugs and kisses. What a
great big brother. Let's just hope that this love continues for a long time.

Here is a web album of Gwen; pictures from the hospital and at home.
We hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

What an awesome Pumpkin Patch, and so close to where we live.
I guess Clearfield is pretty cool.

Noah and I had so much fun at this pumpkin patch.
We paid a few dollars each to go.

We got to take a hayride out to the patch and then pick a pumpkin to take home.

Noah kept telling me how heavy these pumpkins are.

Noah loves his little prize of a pumpkin. He kept saying on the way home from the pumpkin patch,
that he wanted to go home and "eat it, pumpkin."

Well we haven't eaten it yet, but we may toast the seeds. Yummy!

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Missing Daddy!

Jason has been in New York City this weekend for a geeks, I mean audio guys convention. We are surviving without him, but it is hard. Noah asks for Daddy all the time, and checks to see if he's in bed. Or if he hears something that sounds like the garage opening, he exclaims "Daddy's Home!" He sure loves his Daddy. I will be nice to have him back tonight.

Not much more to update, except only three weeks (or more) to go! Wish me luck.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dominoes are fun to play with.

"Oops, it fell down. Silly Daddy!"

Our little boy is getting so big. Doing so many things by himself. You can just see his little mind working. He'll have so much to share with his little sister.

"Daddy, get me!" This is Noah's favorite game ever.

So Noah thinks that if he puts his arms behind him and runs that he is flying.
It is the cutest thing.

Daddy is so much fun! I am sure the luckiest kid around.

So Noah decided that even though it was going to be 85 degrees this day, that a sweater is just the thing to wear. Doesn't he look so cute in his orange and blue sweater?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Boy Bed!

So we decided to make the big change and put Noah into a big boy bed. I took apart the crib and moved it into the baby's room. Noah was very happy to help me with the whole process, pretty much getting in the way and wanting to take the tools I was using. He kept on saying that the crib was Noah's bed, until I set up the twin bed in his room with his blanket and stuffed animals. He was so excited that he jumped on his bed for a long time. He continued to be excited until bed time, when he realized that he actually had to sleep in this new bed. He kept on saying, "other one" referring to his crib. Poor little guy, change is hard. It took a few times of Jason going in and telling him that he needed to stay in bed, then he finally went to sleep. He learns real fast and is doing well now.

Jason is still working like crazy, we won't even see him today, or next week at all.

Noah is doing better with the potty training thing. Hopefully it will just get better from now on!

Seven more weeks until my due date. Everything seems to be going well. My sister wants me to name her Larryann, after my father. Okay, not really, but that would be a not-so-nice name for my little girl.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crazy Life!

Life is crazy, especially ours.

I am trying to figure out the balance of work and Noah. I didn't do such a great job yesterday because he had three potty accidents. Let's just say I am getting really good at cleaning up wet messes. But he didn't mind the extra baths/showers, he just loves when he gets to be in water. Hopefully today will go better, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Jason is working as hard as ever, actually too hard! His vertigo has come back and he has been dizzy and nauseas, not a fun combo.

We still love our new home and invite anyone who wants to come up for a visit. We enjoy company!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our family blog

So I thought that we would join in the blogging craze! So here is our best try at it.

We are here in Clearfield now in our new home. We are enjoying it, and getting to know the area better as well as making some friends at church.

Marie is getting nice and big in her pregnancy with only a few months to go. Marie has also got a new job as a transcriptionist for a company in Draper. She will begin work soon and that will help us save more than just the minimum each month. Jason is working a lot to finish a project by the end of the year, so he is away a lot, but we have also been enjoying the extra income from the overtime. Noah is getting so big. He is almost fully potty-trained now (at least during the day) which makes our lives much easier. We will be transitioning him into a big boy bed soon to get ready for the baby (we are not looking forward to the struggle with keeping him in bed, but hopefully it will go well).

That is us for now! Updates to come later! Oh and we are also very excited for the fall, this heat is killing the pregnant lady in the house!