Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our beautiful kids!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jason's Luck!

So Jason has been having a string of not-so-good luck events.

So about a month or two ago he got in a car accident on I-15, a guy hit him trying to miss an object in the road. Not only was his car messed up, but his back was injured too. So we had to go through the whole process of the rental car, insurance claims, and getting the car fixed. Not to mention the chiropractor appointments he had to go to, to even feel somewhat normal again.

Then he went on a work trip to Mexico, and while he was in the airport in Mexico City, he realized that his wallet had been stolen. He called me and we were able to cancel all credit cards and get him a new driver's license. The most unfortunate thing about that is, his social security number was on his old license. So we are hoping this guy just wanted quick cash, and won't scam us other ways.

And last, but not least, Jason got in yet another car accident last Wednesday! Again, not his fault. It was the terrible snow storm that day, and when he was coming home another guy was going too fast and didn't stop at a stop sign and ran into Jason, who was on the main road. This kid was about 22-years old, and late for some appointment. They called the cops, but they were so backed up from all the other accidents that evening, that they couldn't come for a few hours. The cops told them to exchange information and deal with it that way. So Jason did, but what was weird, is the kid actually had a photo copy of his insurance in his car, as well as his driver's license.

Well the kid drove off, and Jason's car wouldn't start. So he had to wait for a tow truck to take him to Ogden to the body shop.

Jason made claims with both insurances, but come to find out, the kid doesn't even have insurance. Nice!!! That is just icing on the cake, isn't it? So we are trying to figure out if we can get him to pay the $6,000 worth of damage done to our car. Luckily we have insurance, but we are hoping our rate don't go up.

Oh, and last weekend, the kid or his friend called to "prank call" Jason. Real mature! The kid left a voicemail, so luckily Jason saved it, so we can use that if we have to.

We are hoping Jason's luck gets better and things slow down just a little some time soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sheryl Crow - aka Marie?

So Last night we sang with Jason's family at his grandma's ward for a enrichment Valentine's Day. We sang some show tunes and a few non-church songs. Then we sang some more spiritual songs. It went well and we all had a great time.

Afterwards people came up to us saying we did a good job and thanking us.
Well this older gentleman came up to me and asked me if anyone has ever told me that my voice sounds like Sheryl Crow?
That took me by surprise, no, I haven't ever had anyone say that.
I thanked him. Then he said, "I don't agree with her politics, but I like her voice."
I thanked him again. I thought is was so funny to hear that.
After that my brother-in-law, Shane, said to me "hey Sheryl."

So I guess I am famous now. So you may all now call me
Marie 'Sheryl Crow' !!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


So I have never been tagged before, so I thought I would actually do this thing for fun.

The rules of the game are posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 Years Ago
I was a sophmore in high school and loving life. That was my favorite year in high school, believe it or not. I had just gotten my license and my braces off. I think I was getting ready to go the sweethearts dance, but I don't remember who my date was. I guess it was rememberable!

5 things on my to do list
1. Lose 15-20 lbs. of weight I gained during pregnancy
2. Clean
3. Get Jason something for Valentines Day
4. Sleep
5. Earn more money to buy living room furniture, a dishwasher, camera.....

Chocolate is always a must, but I've been trying to be good, so an apple with peanut butter is the choice I try to make.

What I would do if I was given a billion dollars
Buy a nice home near my family. Not work anymore. Travel. Put money into savings for future, especially for my kids. And maybe shop, A LOT!!!

3 bad habits
1. Always having to have something sweet after I eat
2. Wanting more money
3. Sitting on the couch looking at the elliptical machine, thinking "I should be using that right now"

5 places I have lived (I think I need to move out of Utah, what you do think?)
1. Taylorsville, UT
2. Logan, UT
3. Holladay, UT
4. South Salt Lake, UT
5. Clearfield, UT

5 jobs I have had
1. Transcriptionist (something I should be doing right now and not blogging!)
2. Office Assistant at the UofU Murray Campus
3. Lifeguard/Swimming instructor
4. Day care supervisor
5. Counter help at Red Hanger Cleaners

5 things people don't know about me
1. I secretly want to be a ballroom dancer (and the skills to go along with it)
2. The way I act, many times, depends on who I am around (I tend to take on other people's personalities, especially if theirs is more dominate than mine)
3. My hair got caught in the seatbelt of the "Musical Express" ride at Lagoon
4. I've always had a desire to go skinny dipping. Maybe I'll get my chance when I own a pool and there are no lights on!
5. In the third grade I wore some pants that were too tight for me, but they were my favorite. I had to pee really bad, but couldn't get them off. So I just sat down and went. My class was in a relocatable and luckily there was a lot of snow on the ground. So I pretended to slip and I rubbed my butt in the snow and pretended I was wet from that. I was surprised I was able to pull that off. The things we will do to avoid embarrassment.

One of my biggest fears losing my family, or seeing them hurt.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What Ice Cream are you?

You are passionate, creative, and inspired. Black raspberry ice cream is an unusual color and flavor, so some people might consider it strange, but your exciting personality is what makes you so delicious. You bring a juicy burst of flavor to everything you do, and your life is packed with one memorable experience after another.

3% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation.