Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Years!

7 Years ago (tomorrow)
Dec. 19, 2002

Jason's favorite engagement photo of us. It didn't make the invitations, but I quite like it as well.

We were smilin' fools the entire day. I left out the pics that have me laughing and smiling with my mouth WIDE open. (there were a lot of those)

A little bit of action...
Jason's parents on right, mine of the left.
My mom didn't waste anytime. (the were giggling afterwards)

This cape seriously saved my life that day. I would highly recommend not getting married in December.

So in love...

Sisters, Sisters, never was such devoted sisters...
(only 2 are in-laws, can you guess which 2?)

I think he might be scared of what he has gotten himself into (don't blame him). Only 2 of those women are from Jason's family.

My best friend & maid of honor, Brooke. For some reason we just couldn't pose normally. This suits us much better.

Jason's best man, John.

Loved my wedding cake! Not only was it beautiful, but it was tasty. Not to mention that John's (the best man) mother made it for us as her wedding gift!

This is me warning Jason to be good. I think my exact words were "be good Mister."

THE PROOF!!! Not only was he not good, if you look close you can see that the cake actually went up my nose. My Dad was not happy at all. He doesn't like the tradition of smashing it on the face, neither do I, but and eye for an eye I guess.

They say the real test is getting through the 1st year and the first 7 years. Our first year was really rough (being poor & me liking to spend money didn't help matters).

Now we have 2 beautiful children and one on the way and things are looking pretty good our way. We love our life, it's crazy, but it's all ours!

So Happy Anniversary sweetheart!
Here's to another 7 and more...