Friday, November 6, 2009

Buzz & the Cheerleader

"Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!"Gwen was the cutest cheerleader. She would only hold one pom-pom and then she would say "ra, ra,ra." She made her Daddy proud! Go Colts!
Noah looks like he is in pain in this picture, but I could not get him to smile. Maybe the 101 degree temperature had something to do with that.
My cute trick-o-treaters!
So excited to go. Even when Gwen's bucket got really heavy she wouldn't let you hold it.
I love this pic. The kids had a good time and we only went up and down our street because they were both not feeling well, especially Noah. But even just doing that took close to an hour, especially with Gwen's little feet and wanting to stop and look at every crack in the sidewalk.

Couples Halloween Party

Jason and I got to attend our friends couples/adult Halloween party (we have good friends so this party was rated PG, for the most part)

Since I am 7 months pregnant there is a limited of costumes that would work for me. So I decided we would go as a redneck/hillbilly couple, a Shot Gun Wedding couple that is. I even had a homemade veil and a garder to boot.Do you like Jason's beer/soda hat? We made it ourselves! Thanks to the excellent invention of duct tape! Don't forget his beautiful mullet that he is sporting.

This was our fabulous wedding cake we brought to our party (reception). And yes, we made it ourselves! Twinkies, Cup Cakes and Oreos, kept together with whip cream.
Thanks to Noah and Gwen for supplying the bride & groom figurines.

Did you like my do? Well you know how big hair is in style and being the redneck I am I couldn't afford one of them "Bump-its" so I figured a toilet paper roll would do just the trick!
Now I know all of you are now running to your bathroom to unroll your own "bump-it." I don't blame you, it's simply FAB!

My friend Sarah, and the hostess of our fun party, trying to be seductive eating a cracker. Good job Deal Red Riding Hood.

Me and my friend Ranae

Me, Sarah and Katie

Sean and Sarah's friend, who won for sexiest costume of the night. Both funny and disturbing on so many levels!

Nothin' like jamming out on Rock Band after a fun Halloween party. Yes, that is Sean's real hair. He grew it out especially for his werewolf costume. He has scared Gwen many a times when she is playing over at their house or at church. Just a little too much hair for Gwen, I guess. Funny.

The Mullet

For Halloween Jason and I were a redneck couple and we bought this nice mullet wig for Jason to wear. The kids decided it looked best on them.
Huh, maybe mullets will actually be in style! (let's nope not)Gwen admiring her lovely locks.
Jason says that Gwen looks like her cousin, Livie in this picture.
Noah loves to make faces adn I think this one goes perfect with his new do!
Watch out for Angry Mullet Noah!!!
Another face. Gotta love this kid!