Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sledding Babes

The kids had so much fun sledding. We even let Noah take Gwen down by himself. Gwen wasn't happy if she wasn't on the sled.

Unfortunately, we didn't have snow pants for Gwen so we layered her up, but it ended up soaking through by the end. Poor cold little lady!

This was after Noah and I went down the "really big" hill. He loved every second of it, so did I!

So cute!

I got my exercise that day, don't you think? I am a kid at heart. I just love activities like this. Can't wait until the next time.

Two weeks of BLAH!

We have all been sick here at the Jayrie house. (by the way, Jayrie is not our last name, it is Jason and Marie put together) We have all now had the stomach flu. It all started with Gwen, last Monday night, then me on Thursday night, then we thought Jason had it on Friday but maybe it was just some bad food because he had it last night. Oh and Noah got it Saturday night.

Oh so much fun! I wish we all could get sick like this all the time.

Unfortunately Jason had to go to work today for a big meeting. So he signed the attendence sheet (they still have those outside of school?) and spent the rest of the meeting in the bathroom. Gotta love it!

So I am super behind on posting. So over the next few days I will update more because we are going to be leaving on our cruise to Key West & Cosumel next Wednesday! So I will need to have it up to date so there is plenty of room/time to post about our trip! I am so happy we all got sick before then. At least Jason and I will have a good time and the kids won't be oh so sick while staying at Aunt Margie's house.

Stay tuned! More to come soon.