Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Utah Stylist Needed!

There are Utah stylists needed for Cents of Style. This is a fun home party business selling accessories for $15 or less (shoes, bags, belts and Jewelry). Until the end of June there is a special for 1/2 price signing up fee, which includes all of your material for display and marketing materials. The original price for becoming a stylist is $99, but just until the end of June it is $49.50.

If you are interested or know someone that is just email me or call and we will get you set up!

If you want to see the product that is sold just go to

Marie Lefler
Cents of Style Stylist

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Maisy Moo!

This is right after we got Maisy and the kids just wanted to hold her and squeeze her, especially Gwenie who was screaming and whining the entire time until we let her hold her.

Gwen was actually really good with her. She would hold her soft and then put her down gently. But then she wanted to do it over and over and over again, and Maisy didn't care for the repetition.

Noah loved Maisy. He would lay down and play with her constantly and he loved it when she would come over and lick his whole face.

Both the kids loved being chased by Maisy. She had a love/hate relationship with feet and shoes. She would bark and chase them like there was no tomorrow. She was quite entertaining.

This is my friends little girl holding Maisy just a few days after we got her. We were at the park and Maisy was the hit of the party. I am sad to say that I never got my own kids in a picture like this. So thanks Cloe for holding still for a cute picture with Maisy.

Well as you can tell we got a dog, a toy poodle on Saturday, May 2. She was a good dog for the week and half we she was with us. Unfortunately, Noah took her out last Saturday to go potty, which he has done many times. Well Maisy apparently had to go so bad that she jumped out of Noah's arms on the grass and hit her head. She began to have seizures that were pretty intense. I thought she was paralyzed and leaving us right then.

I hurried and found the number to the Animal ER and got here there as fast as I could, while she was seizuring on my lap. We got there and they got her stable overnight. Jason went and picked her up the next morning and brought her home. We couldn't leave her alone, so I went to my parents house for a Mother's Day dinner.

They had to shave one front leg and one back leg to get needles in her.

She was so tired after all those seizures and probably not sleeping much at the hospital. Poor girl!

She was doing extremely well Monday. Then Tuesday (today) she had a minor seizure in the morning and then another one not too long after that. I called the vet and they said that it was perfectly normal for her to have seizures after a head trauma and told me not to worry about it unless it got worse. Well it did get worse. During the seizures she would shake and foam at the mouth. Then after she came to, she would run around like crazy, spinning in circles and one time when the seizures got worse, she even ran into the wall.

By the time she had 5 seizures, and they were more intense then the first ones, I called the vet and they told me to bring her in. I had to do a party tonight so Jason left work early to take her, and our neighbor, Erin Pyne, watched our kids for us.

They gave Maisy valum. They also gave Jason some suppositories of valum to give her every so many hours. He then went and picked up some seizure medicine for her.

After he brought her home, gave her the medicine, and was putting the kids down for bed, her seizures got worse. Jason didn't know what to do. So he called a girl in our ward to come and stay with the kids while he took her to the Animal ER. At this point he had decided that putting her down would probably be the best thing for all of us, especially for her. The doctor was trying to give him options, but it all ended up with her suffering longer and just living a life of sedation, practically being a form of a vegetable, and we didn't want to do that to her.

Jason called me at the party I was doing and asked me what I thought and we both agreed to help her leave this life and her pain. I left the party just after that, the people were very nice and helped me pack up everything quickly. I headed home to find Jason digging a hole for Maisy to rest in. We were both very emotional.

I was able to say goodbye to Maisy and hold her lifeless body and tell her that I loved her. The kids don't know yet that they puppy is gone. But we will have a family funeral for her tomorrow and help them to understand our Heavenly Father's plan for all of us.

So in a week and a half we bought a beautiful, sweet, fun loving and wonderful puppy. We played with her every chance we got. Took her to the park. Cleaned up her messes, but she learned so quickly to go potty outside within a few days. She was an incredibly smart dog. We tried to save her and then realized someone else had to save her, that is why she is with her Heavenly Father now.

So a week and a half and $1,000 later we ended up with broken hearts, an empty kennel, a bag of untouched puppy food, dried out tear ducts and a wonderful puppy buried in our back yard. But we also are left with a wonderful lesson for ourselves and our children of the plan of salvation.

I know it was a very short time that we had her, but she became apart of our family so quickly and our children (and us) fell in love with her so fast. She will always have a part of our hearts.

We love you Maisy. See you soon. Hope there are people running around with shoes on for you to chase around up there.

Monday, May 11, 2009

FREE Cents of Style Product

Cents of Style's summer lines are out in force and I want you to benefit from them. So, I am going to do a little promotion here on my blog.

Here are 3 ways to win free stuff-

1- Book a Cents of Style party and I will give you not only a FREE necklace and earring set, but I will also give you a FREE pair of $10 shoes of your choice! That is in addition to an 8% product credit on the night of your party. Now, we do parties in Utah and Idaho sorry if you are out of the area....the next giveaway can be for you. Just leave a comment on this blog link NOT my blog or email Courtney, the owner at and we will get you set up! You can even email me if you have any questions But if you want the free items you need to go through Courtney and use my name as the stylist you want.

*** For the next options to get free stuff you have to post comments on this blog link NOT my blog.

2-GIVEAWAY-I will give the winner of this giveaway a choice of 2 of the below pictured items. I will even ship them to you FREE! Here are a couple of ways to get your name entered into the giveaway drawing: 1- Go to this blog Post a comment. 2- Create a post on your blog that links to this post. Just add a second comment to let me know you did that!

3- If someone books a party from reading your post and linking to mine, I will give you an additional FREE item, whether or not you win the drawing. Just make sure they use your name as the referral in their comment or email.

The giveaway and party booking promotion will run through next Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time. HAPPY SHOPPING!

The Christine- Turquoise Three Strand Bracelet and Earrings Set. $6.00
The Ellen- Silver Stretch Bracelet. $5.00

The Amber- Pink Stretch Shell Bracelet and Earring Set. $6.00

The Amy- Indian-esque Metal Earring. $5.00

The Allie- Black Variegated Shell Earring. $5.00